Carol Bailey

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Carol “Lana” Bailey is the mother of two girls, Claudia and Naudia. She prides herself on having groomed them to be spiritual women who love and serve the Lord. She has four siblings with whom she shares a very close bond.

Carol “Lana” Bailey has a deep passion for people and changing lives. Her passion for being a light has led her to establish the Five Barley Loaves Outreach Ministry. Lana and her daughter Naudia saw the needs of the homeless men and women in Philadelphia and have sought to meet those needs since 2005. Lana serves a hot meal each week to the homeless in Central Philadelphia and provides them with needed clothing. Lana has devoted her life to teaching and dissecting the word of God for whoever will listen. She shares the word every fourth Saturday at the Sunday Breakfast Mission with residents in that program.

Lana believes in loving people and being an instrument of change. Her belief and desire for the deeper knowledge of God’s word has led her to achieve her Certificate in Evangelism at the Bethel evangelistic school.

As a child in Jamaica, Lana was heavily influenced by her grandmother who taught her to be all that she can be for God and people. Her grandmother’s staunch influence propelled her to be baptized and live for the Lord.

Lana continues to live and serve in the community of Philadelphia. She is currently completing her degree in sociology and psychology in order to continue being an instrument of change.