Debra Stevenson

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(“I love Jesus and I can’t remember not having Him in my life” – Debra Minor Stevenson)

Debra Minor Stevenson, a native of Virginia, current resident of Southern California. Wife to Michael. Mom to Olayemi, Sasha and Michael Benjamin. Mimi to Gwen, Taye, Quddus, Elijah, Malakai, and Lincoln. She holds a Bachelors degrees in Psychology and Sociology, and has a Masters degree in Organizational Management, and is a Nutritional Consultant.

She was raised a Baptist, and as a teen was a representative for her church at the annual Baptist Conventions. She sang in the church choir and helped her family prepare the sacraments, something that has gone on for three generations. She has taught Sunday School classes for those as young as age 2, but also as advanced as adults.

Debra is thankful to be a member of Prayer Works Café. She is also very excited about Temple Health Café Ministries, called THCM, a ministry dedicated to her late mother, Viola Minor Oates. When Debra was 16, her mother became very ill. It was then that Debra started praying about health and nutrition (stating, “I wanted to know why my mother got sick”). Debra started studying about nutrition and health at that time.

In 1982, while residing in Houston, TX, she joined an Assembly of God church, where she received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, with evidence of tongues; her personal relationship with Jesus starting there. In 1984, God instructed Debra to study the relationship between nutrition and overall health of the human body. It was then that THCM, in idea form began. The vision came to life with the birthing of the ministry on May 15, 2014, just 40 years after the original idea. Hallelujah!

Presently Debra is a member of Eagle Ridge Church, studies with the Seventh Day Adventists, and has a library of over 4000 books. She enjoys time with the Lord, time with her family and experiencing God’s plan for her life.


Did you know according to 1 Corinthians 6:19, that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you received from God? You are not your own! This Scripture introduces the heart of THCM. Jesus bought our bodies at a price because He died on the cross. The care of the temple is a challenge that God has lovingly given us. Because our bodies belong to the Lord, we must be good stewards of taking care of that temple, which is connected to our souls and spirits, which all work together as one. Since our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, He has lovingly given us prayer, instruction, wisdom, and understanding of the ways to take care of this temple. If we possess a healthy temple, we possess a healthy spirit.

According to Hosea 4:6, many, including God’s people, have perished from a lack of knowledge, due to our own rejection of this knowledge. THCM will share prayer, and the biblical and nutritional information vital in helping our temples be at their absolute best to glorify the Lord, and serve His Kingdom.

— Debra Minor Stevenson, B.A., M.A., N.C.
Founder, Temple Health 
Café Ministries


The focus of THCM is to use prayer, God’s Word, love of Jesus and with the knowledge given, help others learn about nutrition and its direct connection in maintaining a healthy temple, a healthy body.