Joyice White

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Joyice White, also known as Faith was born in the Parish of Manchester, Jamaica to parents Eulalee and the late Vincent White. Faith is the third of fifteen children. She went to Life Bible College where she graduated with a Diploma in Theology.

In 1985, Faith accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior. Since then, Faith’s passion to serve has led her to work in several ministries in England, Jamaica and the USA. She always knew she loved people and wanted to help build the kingdom of God, therefore it led her to find her niche in Evangelism and Outreach ministering.

As Faith continued to develop her relationship with Christ, she partnered with her eldest daughter Debbie Miller-Curtis and formed the  Prayer Works Evangelism Outreach Ministries.  She is officially a co-founder in this organization. Faith is also working on her first book which will be published soon.

Debbie, Kim-maire, Dian, and Nadine are her four children which gave her nine beautiful grandchildren Jaiden Rae, Alexia, Christopher Junior, Andre, Samoya, Harmoni, Dehstin, Dehstinie, and Daniel.

Faith enjoys her family and has a nurturing spirit. She is inspired by TD Jakes, Joyce Myers.  Her favorite books are the Bible and “Woman Thou Art Loose”.