(phi – lantro – fy)


A play on the word philanthropy. It is a word the team members of Prayer Works created to add new meaning to the Philanthropic side of the ministry. In Philanthropy, you focus on giving, but in Philantrophy we recognize those who give!



Philantrophy is a new arm of the PWEOM to create events and other medium to raise funds for the ministry and to recognize and award those who give. The team will also create a bi-monthly magazine called The PhilanTrophy to document all charitable gestures of the ministry and to recognize those, including its sponsors, who give of their resources through whatever medium. The magazine will be in both print medium, and online on the website, and distributed electronically to the more than 50,000 online followers of the ministry.

The PhilanTrophy Event 2014 was the first in a series of fundraising events by this leg of the ministry held on November 22. It was a fun-filled talent showcase for the whole family! The magazine also saw its first print and distribution at the event.

We invite you to participate in the success of our next event; the Philantrophy Summer Adhor-able Bridal Show 2015 on November 28, by showcasing your talent, resources and/or products at this event to help raise funds for the ministry. We also invite you to donate to the ministry by purchasing an ad to be published in The Philantrophy Magazine. You can choose from more than 6 ad sizes and costs and your ad will be featured in the magazine, which will be distributed freely to all present at the event, plus your ad will be placed on our website, and distributed to our more than 50,000 online followers of the ministry on more than 5 different social media network.