Revelation – Reaching the World through Technology

-Debbie Miller-Curtis

When I was a small girl, at the age of thirteen to fifteen, I never could understand why when I was singing the song “Lord Here Am I send me to the Nations as an Ambassador for you”.  This song would stir something deep within me and it would be as if I am answering the call and telling God yes I am available for him to use and for him to send me to the nations.  It would be very personal for me and I would feel a heavy weigh upon me, which I could not explain. I would be pondering and saying Lord how was this going to happen.  I thought for a long time that America is the part of the nation and I settled in my thoughts that this is it and a few other countries would be added maybe. When I got married and started having children later, the desire seems farther and farther but the song would still be in my spirit. I begin to settle again that this did not mean nations but maybe just nation.

However, I felt like there was much more and I would not rest in my spirit. I just carried the thought Lord Here Am I Send Me to The Nations as an Ambassador for You. I remember saying to my mother that I am going to start a small business of selling merchandise to get the funds together to go to the nations because the song keeps coming back to me. Believe it I was home broken and just thinking of how to be further sold-out to the Kingdom and asking God for answers for my next move in Him.  I started looking at my blog and then signed on to my PC. I have not done this in three years. I wanted to see how the site looks and wanted  to view the countries that the blog is reaching and then the answer came that I have answered the call when I started Prayer Works Café Blog. This blog has been reaching many countries for years but the thoughts never come together that God is using this medium to reach the world and that I would be reaching the world through technology. It warms my heart that when I said yes to being an Ambassador through the desire he created within me that I would be living that from my location in Pine Hill, New Jersey.

God I thank you for the revelation and the clarity for that early desire, for you to send me to the nations as an ambassador for you to spread the word of God through technology. I thought I would be physically on location. Nevertheless, not exactly that way, my thoughts and writings have been reaching the world. God can use anyone and anything to bring glory to his name. I have included a picture of the map of the world and the counties that this simple blog is reaching. The orange and the yellow represent countries.

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