Naudia Fairclough

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Naudia  Fairclough enjoys her life as a newlywed and continues to look forward to her 50th anniversary, with the help of God who is the foundation of her marriage. She is the last of her two siblings but enjoys acting like the eldest until her sister enters the room.

As Co-Founder of Five Barley Loaves Outreach Ministries, founded by her mother Carol Bailey, she enjoys giving back to the community in any capacity that she can.  Her Ministry continues to serve the needy in the city of Philadelphia.  Naudia’s search for the meaning of life began at the age of six. Her mom recalls her crying and pleading to be baptized upon her return from a church tent event.  Her mom knew that she hungered for more.  At that youthful age, the Lord started ministering to Naudia’s heart. Eventually, with the support of her mom and a strong church built on discipleship, she committed her life to the Lord’s service and has continued to stand on the Lord’s word.

Naudia’s worldly knowledge gained from the fashion industry and experience as a teacher of adolescents has provided her with the wisdom and determination necessary to reach not only adults in the ministry but also the adolescent who may be unsure of their purpose.

Naudia is a graduate of Temple University’s Science in Education School and is currently pursuing her Masters at La Salle University.