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Prayer Works Evangelism Outreach Ministries – Reaching the World Through Prayer
Pouring Into The Lives of Women
By Debbie MIller-Curtis
My book “Pouring Into The Lives of Women” is running 2 weeks behind schedule. For this I apologize profusely. As a result, I will run the Pre-Order discount of 30% until September 30, 2020. Please continue to shop!
We All Bleed The Same
“The Purpose of “Pouring into the Lives of Women.”- This
book is designed to celebrate the best of women.
Pouring Out Goodness and Reap Bountifully
“We are certainly, tapping into ‘the greater things we will do”,
words spoken by Jesus Christ in the book of John 14:12.
Nourish our thoughts through the Spoken Words of Truth
One can speak life-giving words, but if the word is received on
doubtful, distrusting or hardened soil, then the manifestation or harvest
could be faulty, and the opposite holds true as well;
We Love Prayer
We Believe in Prayer
Prayer Works!
Prayer Works Evangelism Outreach Ministries is empowering our generation to recognize and activate their God-given potential through their gifts and purposes in an effort to lead successful lives.
Job Cafe Inc.
Job Cafe Inc. functions as a for profit organization that places people in a job suitable to their qualifications. We look to align companies with the right talents for their openings.

Our mission is to help people get back to work.
Please join us on Facebook and feel free to connect with us!

Founding Scripture
Prayer Works Evangelism Outreach Ministries
We provide a private place where you can ask for prayer,
share your struggles and or testimonies by calling 215-817-6240.
Meet Our Founders
Debbie Miller-Curtis

“They are our gifts from God. I am full of life and within 30 seconds of knowing me you would know that I am passionate about my relationship with the Lord!”

Gardner Curtis
Chief Information Officer

Gardner R. Curtis is the Chief Information Officer of Prayer Works Evangelism Outreach Ministries. He works closely with the Founder and his wife.
Joyice ‘Faith’ White

Joyice White, also known as Faith was born in the Parish of Manchester, Jamaica to parents Eulalee and the late Vincent White.
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